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We appreciate that there are many things to consider when setting up a website such as;

What host should I use?

Where do I buy a domain from?

What is a Theme?

How do I install a plugin?

What platform should I use?


That is why we are here to help you, the world of website development is a huge and an expansive universe and if you have never had to build a website before it can be scary and intimidating, and thats just with the terminology! At Coding Cottage we want to help you overcome this fear, we believe that everyone should have a basic knowledge of how their website works and we build this in to our service that we provide for our customers.

We can advise you through the process with our 1-1 sessions, which can help you learn the steps to building your own site.  We can also take the helm if you wish and set it up for you, taking away the stresses that technology can cause. Whichever way you prefer, we will be with you all the way.

We predominantly specialise in WordPress development using the Divi theme and can guide you through getting online with this platform, however we do have experience with other page builders and platforms so don’t be afraid to ask if Divi or WordPress are not your platform of choice.

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About Julia

“I started Coding Cottage in 2019 to help  self employed people and individuals particularly those who are based in rural communities and run hospitality businesses to get online. One of the primary aims of Coding Cottage is to empower people to take control of their own WordPress websites and I do this by giving clients the confidence and knowledge to update and modify their sites as and when they need,  rather than relying on anyone else.

Tech education is also very important to me and after completing my masters in Geographical Information Systems in 2018, I was amazed at how few women were on the course and how male dominated it was. Women struggle more with their confidence ( I know I do!) and these type of learning environments really make it hard for women to excel.  Because of this  I wanted to develop an environment that women feel safe to learn and develop and consequently follow those dream jobs that are out there and I know they can get!

The vision of 1-1 training sessions and residential retreats in a calm relaxed environment were born from these ideas.

I work remotely from my farm in the Upper Swansea Valley and in my spare time run a B&B as well with my 2 dogs and 6 mini pigs!! I love being outside and hiking in the mountains and whale watching/ocean conservation are 2 of my other passions.”

Learning and Development is our passion

WordPress is a huge and powerful CMS system and we love to show others how to use it correctly, from adding plugins, choosing a theme and updating content.

We are passionate about small training sessions to suit individual learning needs and we develop a real buzz when we are teaching new skills to our clients and students.

Technology skills are very powerful to possess in this highly digital world. As a result we are working on a series of basic coding and tech exercises for adults to work through to help develop and build this knowledge. These will be in the form of downloadable content and will be announced  in the coming weeks on our social media channels.

A  series of classes and mini learning retreat breaks in 2020/2021 will also be announced in the next few months. These will be around WordPress and basic HTML/CSS, predominantly for women.

For more information on our current retreat then please go to our dedicated retreats page.

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