About Me

about me

Hi, I am Julia 

“I started Coding Cottage in 2019 to help  self employed people and individuals particularly those who are based in rural communities and run hospitality businesses to get online. One of the primary aims of Coding Cottage is to empower people to take control of their own WordPress websites and I do this by giving clients the confidence and knowledge to update and modify their sites as and when they need,  rather than relying on anyone else.

During the pandemic I watched as e-commerce exploded due to the worldwide lockdowns and as a result I started helping local businesses get their products online, so that they could keep themselves afloat during this time. This has led me down the path of specialising in building a variety of e-commerce sites for businesses using WordPress. 

Tech education is also very important to me and after completing my masters in Geographical Information Systems in 2018, I was amazed at how few women were on the course and how male dominated it was. Women struggle more with their confidence ( I know I do!) and these type of learning environments really make it hard for women to excel.  Because of this  I wanted to develop an environment that women feel safe to learn and develop and consequently follow those dream jobs that are out there and I know they can get!

The vision of 1-1 training sessions and residential retreats in a calm relaxed environment were born from these ideas. These are something that I will be working on in 2022 and 2023. 

I work remotely from my farm in the Upper Swansea Valley and in my spare time run a B&B as well with my 3 dogs and 6 mini pigs!! I love being outside and hiking in the mountains as well as whale watching and ocean conservation.

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