About Me

about me

I am a self taught WordPress designer and digital marketing professional mainly gained in the early days from setting up and running a small Bed and Breakfast.  I most definitely did not understand half the stuff that I was implementing  and questioned a lot of the processes and what tech to use, but trial and error and a few courses along the way have meant that I have now become an expert on how to make your business stand out. I also have a deep understanding of how to manage small businesses from start-up to gaining those first crucial clients. 

My mission in life is simple, it is to help small businesses understand the tools that are available to them to build a customer base. I can build websites, design email funnels, undertake SEO Audits, advise on those initial client meetings, help with training on basic digital marketing methods and just be a general sounding board for any digital problems you may have in your business or charity. 

Did I mention I  love a bit of GIS and have helped several charities and businesses implement maps onto their website through QGIS.

I work remotely from my smallholding in the Upper Swansea Valley and in my spare time look after my 3 dogs, 6 mini pigs and 14 Indian Runner Ducks!! I love being outside and hiking in the mountains and I have a huge passion for whale watching and ocean conservation.


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