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Divi is more than just a WordPress template. It’s an easy-to-use website construction tool that replaces the usual WordPress post creator with a superior visual editor. Tech experts and beginners love this theme because it gives the ability to generate unique projects with surprising simplicity and efficiency.

Divi is customisable and allows users who are not coders to produce beautiful websites with just a few clicks. Here are several ways you can use Divi to make your website stand out and be an advocate for your brand;

  • Responsive editing
  • Font and text styling
  • Shape dividers
  • Border options
  • Transform control and effects
  • Advanced code editing
  • Filters and effects
  • Drop shadows
  • Text shadows
  • Animations
  • Background images, colors, gradients, and videos

Did we lose you with some of those descriptions? Don’t worry here are a few explanations to help you to see that with a little support you could be building your own website in no time.

Responsive Editing

It’s quick to render sensitive websites with Divi. Divi is responsive by nature but takes the responsive design a step further by allowing you full control of the design environment on each mobile device. This helps you customize each feature’s appearance on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Font and Text Styling

Enjoy a wide variety of text and font choices. Choose from hundreds of online fonts or upload your fonts. Adjust font weights and text sizes. Monitor all standard text components, such as link anchors, lists, and block quotations.

Shape and Dividers

Create customized shapes and animations to your pages, create dynamic changes between content blocks, and add an extra bit of personal spice to your website. Form Dividers can be positioned above and below each section of your website, helping you quickly create beautiful transition effects between various areas of your blog.

Border Options

Use Divi’s robust border editor to add borders to any feature. Develop corners that are squared. Monitor boundary sizes, colors, and designs and create specific effects by changing each edge of the quality individually.

Transform Control and Effects

Divi allows you to turn the designs right on the page in ways that would usually only be available in graphic design applications like Photoshop and Sketch. You can shift the elements about, scale them up and down, rotate on three different axes, skew and change the transition origin with ease. All of this is achieved using a super-slick guide that makes any transition simple to execute and understand.

Advanced Coding Editing

If you are experienced with coding, then you also enjoy a full-featured coding editor that makes writing and editing code so much simpler and more satisfying. If you are not experienced in coding, then don’t panic just skip to the next paragraph.  Apps include syntax highlighting, error reporting, auto-complete, color collection, multi-line selection, scan, find and replace, and more. Add custom CSS to any element or add your code to any page that uses the Divi Code Module.

Filters and Effects

Quickly adjust and improve any feature’s look using several filters and effects, including Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Blur, Opacity, and Sepia. Build beautiful designs using backdrop blending modes.

Drop Shadows

Integrate depth to your page by making custom shadow drops. You have complete control of the scale, location, color, and strength of the shadow. They’re easy to create, and you don’t have to bother with any graphic design programs.

Text Shadows

Build beautiful text effects with text shadows. Use Divi’s simple presets to add text shadows to any feature quickly or generate your custom text shadows using the complete set of controls.


Easily apply animations to any of the elements. Use Divi’s animation presets to apply basic animations or create your animations by customizing the movement’s form trajectory. Wow your visitors as they scroll down the page with beautiful animations that trigger as the elements come to view.

Background Images, Colors, Gradients, and Videos

Apply custom color combinations, background shading, background pictures, and background clips to any components. Develop fun, alternating gradients, and image effects or use background blending modes to combine colors and images to create creative designs.

Extendable Styles

Divi’s enhanced style diversity takes interface quality to a whole new dimension. If you have a design style that you have just made, whether you choose to use it anywhere on the web design or even around the whole page, you can easily apply the style automatically to your preferred venue. Update hundreds of things at once! Monitor precisely where and to which elements your techniques can be used. For instance, let’s imagine you’ve just crafted the perfect shadow box and border design for your photographs, but you’ve got hundreds of images on the web. You can apply the theme to the rest of your pictures immediately.

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For more information on the Divi features mentioned here then check out their blog,  but of course if this just seems a little too much then contact us and book one of our support sessions  to help you build or solve your Divi website issues. 

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