In a digital-era driven by likes, shares and ‘going viral’, it would be understandable to think that the business website has lost its edge in this fast-paced digital age. But, like the sturdy reliable shopfront and helpful signposts, your business website is the beacon to your loyal audiences and shiny-new customers – and a global internet giant has all the free tools you need to make sure your website and marketing is reaching your dream customers!

Let’s Get Googling!

Did you know that Google accounts for 92% of the world’s internet searches? This giant has even earned itself a place in the Oxford English Dictionary alongside all the verbs – of all time!

Google – the search-engine-capital-of-the-world – has power to drive people to your website and it’s sharing this power with you through Google Analytics and Google Console – AKA the internet marketers tool kit!

Keep reading to find out why having these features in your website’s toolbox is key to harnessing your websites marketing powers.

Google Analytics

If you’ve ever taken a peek into the Google Analytics Dashboard you’d be forgiven for those feelings of overwhelm. This feature is a fountain of digital data! But don’t worry, even on its basic levels Analytics delivers easy to use data that can help you discover important information to identify your dream customers/clients and where to find them.

In a digital-data nutshell, Google Analytics can help you:

  1. Find out all about the people that visit your site. Information such as age, location, interests etc, helps to identify your ideal customers/clients so that you can cater your products, content, and marketing to speak directly to them.
  2. Work out where your visitors come from; and we don’t mean geographically. Analytics can tell you how your visitors came across your site, whether it was from an internet search; a link in an email you’ve sent; that blog you wrote for your networking contact; or one of those Facebook ads you’ve been running. This info is crucial in determining how your visitors find out about you and your site and which of your communications and marketing funnels is reaching and impacting your audiences, and where you can focus your efforts – and funds!
  3. Piece together how your visitors move through your website. This info can give you great insight into how easy or difficult visitors can navigate your site and find what they need. It also helps highlight whether your content is effective in engaging them and getting them to that end goal – a sale!

With all of this information you can piece together an informed and effective strategy for your digital presence and marketing that draws your ideal customer/client to your site and guides them to that holy grail, sales.

Google Search Console

Meet Analytics’ sister-fountain of knowledge! This console helps you, help Google to notice your website. You remember we mentioned Google being used for 92% of all internet searches? The closer you are to that page one search result the more likely your website is going to see an increase in visitors. Google Search Console provides an insight into how well your website ranks in its searches and the keywords searchers are using to find your site or ones like it. This data is priceless in developing a plan for your website content and can help highlight issues on your site that might be preventing it from showing up in searches.

Could there be anything better for business, than having digital tools for all your website needs? How about a one-stop toolbox for all your tools and data needs? Welcome to Google Site Kit. Site Kit is a plugin, created by Google, especially for WordPress. Here you can integrate all of the Google performance and analytical tools into one place on your WordPress Dashboard. Now you can check your sites performance and make any tweaks you need to all in the same place.

All this tech talk and data collection may have some thinking ‘Nope! Not for me!’ But stay with me. As mentioned, these tools can be used in their simplest forms so you don’t need to dive into the depths of the data they have to offer. And, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed by it all, there are plenty of data-loving, marketing professionals out there to outsource to, who can decipher and mould it all into a goal-driven, marketing plan, for you to implement. So even if you don’t plan to use any of these features yourself, they are still essential tools to achieving the most for your website and your business.



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