It’s that digital-age old question – So with social media and Amazon do I really need to bother with a website for my business?


Yes, yes the answer is always yes.

And now that we’ve firmly and excitedly established that point, let us boldly explore the three fundamental reasons why websites are still the brightly shining, customer-beacon for your business.

 First things first – It’s all about the ‘base’.

Even if your business works out of a bricks-and-mortar building, a nippy four-wheeler, or a funky shipping-container-shaped headquarters, you still need an online base to anchor all your digital, online, and social media presence to.

Your marketing funnels and social media activity are all catching your ideal audience’s attention but when you’ve got it, you need to send that attention somewhere, somewhere that will deliver them everything they need. Yes, all those social media posts, Facebook ads and Insta reels etc, are all going to be pointing customers towards your website.

Not only is it the centre of your business’s online world, but your website can also be the central hub for all your data and digital accesses. Whether it’s a membership portal, an integrated CRM database or a library of works, your website can host worlds of information and resources as well as being the doorway and network for your customers and staff. Your website is the bright, warm sun at the centre of your digital and online solar system.

Access for Everyone.

With over 3.6 billion people on the planet using social media, it is a definite must for a good marketing strategy, but what about those one billion global internet users who seem to be happy to avoid social media all together? (That’s 22% of the internet using population!)

When it comes to a customer making a purchase or signing that deal, 40 – 50% of purchases start with an internet search. That’s around half of all purchases – including those made in person, as well as online – that begin their shopper journey with an online search.

So in this tech-driven society, when your potential customer gets the urge to unlock their smart phone for a quick Google, they don’t want to jump through social media login hoops, or be met with a dead-end-click with no website, because they’ll simply back-up or scroll past until they can find a search result that takes them to that hub of information their searching for – and you don’t want that to be your competitor!

Mission Control – Captaining your digital world

Social media and global marketplaces have been a gamechanger for promoting businesses, with online marketing overtaking TV advertising to be the biggest advertising tool – take that commercial breaks!

But always remember, those social media platforms and marketplaces are owned by businesses, big businesses and they are the ones making the rules that define how their users and sellers can and cannot use their platforms.

We’ve all heard those familiar groans about platforms changing their algorithms, disabling accounts and some businesses have lost their pages and groups with out warning. Your accounts are at the whim of the social media and marketplace masters and should they wish to use your content, change the rules, up the fees or pull the plug on your profiles and pages, they can do so as they please.

On the other hand – your website, your rules. If Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and every other marketplace or social media platform decided to shut up shop tomorrow or boot your little business off their giant planets, yes, all your content and followers would be lost in a digital black hole. But do not despair, because that trustee ole hub, your website, would still be there for you and your customers, 24/7.

Reality is, as with all aspects of marketing, your social media, sales platforms, and your website work best as a team.  A well-maintained website and strategic marketing activity that builds a network of funnels and bridges between your social media presence, your marketplaces, and your website HQ, will enable you to digitally connect with new and loyal customers across the world, and who knows, maybe beyond!


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