Suppose a quiet stroll with your dog was once a sacred hour of solitude during a busy working day commuting, coffee breaking and collaborating. In that case, it will not have gone unnoticed that everyone else seems to have cottoned on!

The rise of pet ownership following the breakout of Covid has been colossal. PetPlan Insurance reported that 26% of pet owners got their pet during the pandemic following a significant survey. Of those, 47% are first-time pet owners. They also reported that new pets were the most popular with 18–34-year-old Londoners – we’ll call them the modern pet owner. Statistics show that 66% of pet owners buy accessories for their pets, and a whopping £10bn a year is spent by dog owners alone.

The modern pet owner doesn’t just want the best in organic pet food – they want it dispensed from an automatic feeder at pre-set intervals. The sharpest pet wardrobe won’t cut it at the dog park anymore – accessories need to track and monitor your pet’s every move. The modern pet owner wants tech, smart devices that make ownership easier, safer, and cooler. As we head back into the office or out on the road, we want to know our furry companions are happy and well at home alone. We want to know our beloved pets are entertained without destroying our most cherished upcycled piece. From nutritional information to our pet’s mental health, owning a pet is becoming a big business. 

The modern pet owner also has discerning tastes. That doesn’t just start and finish with pet products. Their browsing and buying experience is just as important as the gadgets and accessories they seek to make their pet ownership experience even more joyful. They want to browse a sophisticated website that mirrors their love of all things pet tech.


Healthy Sales

You wouldn’t leave your pet’s health and wellbeing up to chance, so don’t do the same with your website. Here at Coding Cottage, we can help you nurture the health and growth of your sales in this lucrative market. We understand how important the user experience is and what it takes to create an attractive, user-friendly, buyer-focused platform. We know that customers who like the look of a site and find it a breeze to navigate will buy your products and keep coming back for more. 

We can work with you to create your vision for your shopfront. We will advise and guide you through the myriad of templates and plug-ins on WordPress to make your online store work for you and impress your customers.


Don’t fall at the final hurdle.

You want your customers to ‘checkout’, not check out, when it comes to sales! Abandoned carts and checkouts continue to be a significant issue and topic of conversation in eCommerce. A recent study has identified that 70% of customers abandon their carts due to complex checkouts and problems during the checkout process. You don’t want your website to be all bark and no bite. 

Using our WooCommerce expertise, we can accelerate your business by simplifying your checkout experience, making it a straightforward and pleasurable transaction for your customers. From a landing page that converts to a payment gateway that guarantees to land that final sale, we know all the secrets of the eCommerce trade and we love letting the cat out of the bag and seeing our client’s online businesses flourish. We can provide insights, tips and recommended themes for an eCommerce experience that delights. 

If your business is online pet products, or you’re thinking about starting one, let us help you bring a bit of animal magic to your store. Being successful is much more than having a few cute pics of furry friends on your home page. Now is the time to get technical, so get in touch with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

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