It is essential that your website is secure and here’s why

We live in a time where a world without the internet is absolutely unimaginable. The internet connects billions of people from all over the world. Almost 4.57 billion people used the internet during the month of July 2020 alone, that is almost 59% of the global population. The internet is one of the fastest and sometimes the most reliable way to find the answers you are looking for… are you still wondering why your website needs to be secure?

Unfortunately, not all those billions of people are using the internet for honest means. Many are using it to hack your websites and steal information, damage equipment or generally to try to disrupt people’s lives. The result of your website being a victim of such a hack could be devastating. Many small or medium businesses like yours do not think that they are a big enough noise in the business world to draw attention from such hackers but they are often sadly mistaken resulting in them not only losing sales but losing their entire business altogether.

Here are a few reasons why it is essential that your website is safe from cyber criminals.

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To protect your customers

Your customers provide you with a great deal of their personal information from their name and address to their credit card. They do so with the expectation that you have adequate security in place to protect them and their information.

Cyberhackers will try to gain access to the information that you hold for various reasons and using various means. They may use malicious software to gain access to your website, to collect data, or even to take over your systems. If your website was hacked, that intruder could potentially use it to redirect traffic or infect visitors with malware.

It is imperative that you prevent this from happening by encrypting their information and ensuring that all your staff understand the importance of keeping personal data private.

To protect your business

Hackers can not only steal from your clients, but they can also cause physical damage to your equipment. This can be done through planting viruses. As a business owner you understand the financial investment that is needed to secure the best equipment to make your business successful. It is crucial that the developer that you hire 100% understands cyber security and the financial impact of not having it could have on your business by having to replace costly equipment. The best developer for the job will be able to pinpoint the vulnerable points on your website and ensure that they are secure to avoid any mishaps!

To prevent loss of sales

If your website falls victim to a cyber-attack, not only are you potentially exposing the personal data of yourself, your business, and your valued customers, but you will also lose those potential sales. This along with the downtime of your website for repair will have huge impacts on your sales!

An unprotected website not only exposes your business and threatens to damage your reputation, but if you are unable to recoup lost revenue it could signal the end of your business!

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Reputation is everything

We have all heard the saying that ‘In business your reputation is everything’, this is true no matter how big or small your business is.  There are many large corporations that have lost millions because of a cyberattack that has left their customers suffering and their reputations damaged.

Ensuring your website has more than adequate security will help you to maintain the reputation that you have worked so hard to build!

Peace of mind

Cyber criminals will never be completely abolished, while laws and legislation are brought in to protect both businesses and consumers from these kind of attacks, you can protect both your customers and yourself by putting proactive measures in place to secure your website.

Running a business is stressful and it often feels like you need to wear a thousand different hats. But by ensuring that you hire a developer that will keep your website secure means that is one less hat you have to wear!

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