Have you ever been so engaged and committed to a character or story that you know you’d follow them to the ends of their make-believe worlds?

Now that’s how you want your customers to feel about your businesses and story, so much so that they engage with all your from-the-heart-content and explore the very corners of your website; all leading them to that slightly-less-dramatic-but equally-as-exciting climatic ending – the sale!!

So how do you know what to put out into the real-worldwide-web so that your audience and potential customers can join you on your business journey? Google Analytics holds the map to the great marketing and customer treasure chest that businesses hunt for, so let’s venture forth great entrepreneurs on a digital journey filled with heroes, clicks and caves of precious data! 

Google Analytics

Chapter 1: The Big Entrance

Just like that opening hook of a good book, links are the bread and butter of the website world! The more links to your site that exist around the worldwide web the more credible and popular your website appears to the search-engine-gods who control those oh-so-important search result rankings. But of course for a credible website you need credible links, and to do this you must first find the organisations and websites to team up with on your website mission.

Google Analytics, the all-knowing storyteller of website-goings-on, knows exactly where each of your visitors are coming from. It can tell you whether it was that article you wrote for your friend’s blog, or that product ad you put out on Facebook, or maybe it was that funny cat meme you shared on your business Insta reel that sent curious visitors to your hub of awesomeness – aka your website. Finding out how your customers discovered and entered your site will help you identify which of your inbound links and marketing activities are drawing people to you and which of the content you’ve put out there, that they find engaging.


Chapter 2: The Website Journey

“It’s the journey, not the destination that matters” said the wonderfully wise T.S Elliot. And yes, although it is that end sale that’s going to pay the mortgage or send the kids to dance classes, it’s that clear, guiding pathway that will lead your site visitors to that end destination. After all where would Dorothy be without the yellow-brick road? And which back-end-of-nowhere would we end up in without satnav or Google Maps (Thanks again Google!) It’s the journey that ultimately determines whether your visitors get to that destination and knowing how your visitors move through your website can tell you which of your content they have found most engaging, what content they couldn’t care less about and how easy you’ve laid out the path for them to navigate to that end goal.


Chapter 3: There’s No Turning Back

Finding out how, when, or why a visitor leaves your website is also a great indicator of who they are and what makes them tick. If they’ve clicked on one of your links to another organisation’s website, you now know that website is of interest to your visitors and that kind love story works both ways – so let’s get connecting and get your web link onto that website so that their visitors can fall in love with your site too.  Or maybe they’ve clicked through to your social media so that they can get daily updates of how your story is progressing – better get those socials up to date and put your social links on every page of your site!


Chapter 4: The Data Heroes to the Rescue

For many of us non-marketing folk out there, delving into the data-depths of Google Analytics can seem like an arduous and puzzling mission but thankfully there are a few good data whisperers out there that can come to the rescue and help demystify the hordes of information in the analytical-cave-of-wonder. Software and website plugins such as Hot Jar or Monster Insights can take all that precious data goodness and compile it into simple, visual reports – its like having pictures to help figure out what’s going on in a story.

Using tools like heatmaps (and we know how important maps are!), live recordings of visitor movements on your site and even asking them if they need help when they cannot find what their looking for, these plugins can not only simplify your analytics data but can gather its own too.


Armed with this precious information of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your website, your content, and your marketing, you can take action to improve your business’ digital engagement and marketing as well as your website user’s experience.

So what are you waiting for?  Get re-writing you and your customers’ happily ever after.


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