The advancement in technology has increased the demand for tech-related jobs.

Here are some insights to back that up:

A course in technology offers you the potential of fitting in various high-demand and well-paying jobs. Even at the entry-level, most women in tech coding jobs are earning high salaries.

So, what are some of the top best jobs for women that you can get started with? Read on to learn more…

1.     Web Developer (Junior)

Nowadays, every business owner strives to have a robust online presence, which explains why web developer jobs are a significant point to start.

The major duties for a web developer include:

  • Creating code to power web apps and websites for different individuals and companies
  • Create Mockup sites
  • Maintenance and scaling of the sites as growth demands
  • Building Ecommerce solutions for websites.

The ideal skills to learn or have to be a web developer include design skills in WordPress and other platforms and understanding and implementing various coding languages. Usually, a junior web developer’s median salary is around £25,000, although this depends on various factors such as the size of the company and skills needed, among others. Having web developer skills also gives the flexibility to become freelance.

2.     Web Content Manager

The web content manager role is closely related to the web editing task. However, the two differ in that web management involves optimizing and formatting content for websites. Web content management jobs are typical in large media and e-commerce sites.

As a web content manager, your duties revolve around uploading, publishing, and refreshing content. If you are thorough and organized, this would be a perfect job for you to start your career in the tech industry. Not sure where to start? Then get your teeth into wordpress, this is a gentle progression into web content management and you can build your skillset up along the way.

3.     Data Analysis

Companies nowadays require data to make marketing and investment decisions. Without appropriate data analysis, it is easy for companies to lose a lot of money in lost opportunities or by investing in the wrong project. As a data analyst, you will be collecting data through metrics and surveys, compile and interpret it for decision-making purposes.

Data analysts should be skilled in programming languages, database management, data mining, segmentation of data, and design skills.

4.     Social Media Manager

Ever wondered who takes care of companies’ social media profiles?

Technological advancement has increased the corporates’ overreliance on social media as a marketing platform. A social media manager role is an excellent starting point for any woman who has a passion for digital marketing.

5.     Digital Marketing Manager

Companies are increasingly hiring digital marketing managers to coordinate their digital and content marking campaigns. As a digital marketing manager, your role focuses on boosting sales, increased brand awareness, and enhancing customer loyalty. You will be in charge of managing the organization’s online presence, including social media profiles, websites, ads, and brand communication.

The introduction and growth of technology has opened doors to numerous job opportunities and there are certainly numerous tech jobs out there, however it is always advisable to follow your passion and interest!

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