So, you want to start an online store? Or, maybe you already have an eCommerce store that you are looking to take to the next level. You’re not a developer or an experienced web design guru, so where do you start? Online marketplaces are big business. The growing world of eCommerce is changing the landscape for entrepreneurs, artisans and merchants alike. You don’t need to be the next Amazon, Etsy or Ebay to have success selling online. 

Your website is your shop front, so you must have the right resources to support you as you grow. Every business is unique so selecting the right platform is essential. WooCommerce is one of the most sophisticated and intuitive platforms available.

Here are five reasons why your online store needs WooCommerce in its life. 

Compatibility with WordPress

WordPress is the ultimate content management system (CMS) that powers almost half of all published websites on the internet. WooCommerce is the publicly accessible and freely available open-source plug-in designed purely for WordPress. If you’re thinking of building your online store on WordPress or have a WordPress site, WooCommerce is built to offer a better fit and a unique, enhanced user experience. 

Much lower overall cost

Cost is often a critical deciding factor when setting up an online store. Some eCommerce platforms charge a flat rate on transactions as fees, mainly if you use an external payment gateway. WooCommerce is available as a free plug-in, and there are very low percentage charges or fees applied to any transactions, depending on the payment provider. WooCommerce offers fantastic value for money when it comes to building an online store. Many hosting providers, such as Siteground, offer a managed WordPress and WooCommerce service, meaning you can benefit from low-cost hosting with hundreds of free themes and plug-ins. 

 Ease of integration with payment providers 

Many of the top payment gateways integrate with WooCommerce with ease and simplicity, making for a straightforward transaction experience for your customers. With WooCommerce, you get an extensive range of payment gateways to choose from via a variety of free plug-ins. Whether you choose a direct or redirect option, with WooCommerce, you’ll guarantee a smooth experience at the checkout, keeping your abandoned shopping carts at a minimum. 

Highly customisable features

The flexibility of the WooCommerce platform is one of its best attributes. It allows you to create beautiful, custom-built features on your WordPress website. Creating your unique shopfront and product information couldn’t be easier. With plug-ins such as WooBuilder, you’ll have complete control over your design. Build, change and present a shop that reflects your brand and delights your customers. 

Optimised for SEO and email marketing

WooCommerce running on top of WordPress is an SEO dream. When it comes to optimising content, WooCommerce offers you more options to enhance SEO for your site. Where your website ranks in the search results is of enormous importance when you’re trying to scale your online business. The competition is fierce in the eCommerce world, so make sure you’re using WooCommerce to increase the quality and quantity of your organic traffic. You can combine blogging with business, publish great content and generate captivating lead magnets to drive potential buyers to your site and build a quality email marketing list. If you don’t know where to start with all that, we can help. 

To have a successful and scalable eCommerce business, you need to prioritise the user experience on your website. To do that, you need to understand your customer’s journey. At Coding Cottage, we know the power of WordPress and WooCommerce and the difference they can make to your business, your brand and your sales. Invest in that journey and take your customers with you. In terms of experience, make it simple, make it memorable, and they’ll want to repeat it. 

Would you benefit from a WordPress expert and WooCommerce guru to help with integrations, plug-ins and site development?

Maybe you need a hand developing an SEO strategy?

Stick to what you do best. If you don’t have the skills in-house, consider outsourcing support with WordPress and WooCommerce to a freelance developer such as us here at Coding Cottage. 

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